Our Wood

We select only the best, premium-grade, kiln dried sustainable wood to create our products to enhance its individual design and beauty.

We choose to make most of our gifts out of oak for its beautiful variations of golden colour and grain formations. Its strength ensures we can craft our gifts to last a lifetime.

All our products are crafted from sustainable wood supplies.

Oak being a natural and organic product when exposed to the elements such as sun or rain will turn it silvery over time. All of our exterior Oak will have been treated with several coats of protective oil and in addition we only use kiln dried premium grade oak both of which will go towards minimising splits, however splits along the grain may come and go as your sign, swing or post adapts to the temperature and humidity  of its surroundings. This is not a fault or reflection of the quality of of the wood or the workmanship used to make it, this is a natural effect giving each product its own unique, beautiful appearance as it ages.